Some of the following products may be recommended to you by Sue as a result of your Healthy Home Check, or you are more than welcome to purchase directly. If you are interested in any of the products below, please contact Sue using the details on the Contact Page.


Earthing Sheets

These are sheets that are electrically conductive and you simply plug them into an outlet (much like an electric blanket). The earth’s natural electrons flow right through up into the sheet, and instantly grounds you to the earth. estea offers sheets which can be used on your bed, and also at your workstation/in your car. All sheets are hand wash or delicate wash and can be tumble dried.

Single sheet – 75cm x 100cm £69 Single sheet – 75cm x 100cm £69

Double sheet – 97cm x 100cm £99

Full bedsheet – 150cm x 200cm £185

Chair/car seat – 30cm x 46cm £49

Stetzer Filter and Meter

Extensively researched electrical engineering solution to the problem of EMFs. The filters will signicantly reduce the level of ‘dirty electricity’ flowing through your home. You can buy the filters on their own, but purchasing a meter will enable you to determine the best position and number of filters needed in your home. For anyone using these for the first time, we recommend you buy a meter and three filters. Three filters are the minimum needed to bring down the levels of dirty electricity to acceptable levels in most situations.

Filters £75 each

Special offer Steter Meter and 3 filters £299


Computer Earthing Cable

The majority of computers aren’t earthed, so with the addition of a simple cable which plugs into your computer or laptop via USB and then plugs into a normal socket, electrical fields and electrosmog around your computer will be signicantly reduced.

Computer earthing cable with earthing plug £30

ADSL Phone Filter

A simple device which plugs into standard telecoms socket, this microfilter separates the telephone and ADSL signals and stops interference from both signals clashing. This will signicantly reduce electro-pollution in and around your phone and other devices which use broadband connections

ADSL phone filter £20


Airtube Headsets

This headset plugs into a mobile or other cordless phone, and then the earpiece sits into your ear, and you can answer a phone call in the normal way. Recommended by doctors and scientists all over the world, these headsets massively reduce the amount of microwaves and EMFs which mobile phone users experience.

Available in either black or white, these headsets also have an adaptor to use with cordless phones too.

Airtube headsets £20