Mobile phones – Are they safe?

There have been numerous studies which have looked at the long-term effect of mobile phones on a person’s health, and the results are shocking. The amount of radiation which is emitted from mobile phones can be extremely dangerous to our health.

Of course, in today’s society, we can’t be without our mobile phones, so here’s some advice on how to stay as safe as possible:

  • Try to keep calls to a minimum
  • When you aren’t using them, switch your phone off, or put it into airplane mode. This limits the amount of radiation emitted
  • When you are dialing a number, and waiting for a connection to be made, keep your mobile at arm’s length as this is when a mobile phone is at its most dangerous and emissions are highest.
  • Generally, the further away you can keep your mobile from your body, the better. Don’t keep on your body, such as in a pocket or inside jacket pocket. Phones should especially be kept away from vital organs
  • Don’t let small children play with your mobile phone. Their skulls are too soft to protect them from emissions. Never leave a phone near a baby, and try to keep mobiles away from unborn babies
  • Do not leave your phone charger plugged into the mains when not in use
  • When your phone is on the move, it is constantly looking for a signal and therefore, the emissions are amplified. The same is true when you use a mobile in the car, so try and avoid doing this wherever possible
  • When your phone is charging, keep the phone and charger at least two metres away from your body

You’re never going to be able to escape the harmful emissions from a mobile phone, but it’s vital you take the steps above to limit any potential damage that could be caused by long-term use.

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