We know our process works, but we want to share some of our success stories with you, to show you how much of an effect we have on our clients’ lives


Ghost Story

One of our clients reported suddenly seeing a ghost in her home. She found this very disturbing especially because she did not believe in ghosts and could not understand why it had suddenly appeared. Initial conversations ascertained that the ghost had only arrived three months ago but it was extremely angry and typically ran down the corridor and into the bathroom.

On further investigation we found out that the client had changed her landline phone and her internet supplier, which included changing from a cabled system to Wi-Fi around the same time these disturbances began. We found an underground stream running beneath her house from her bedroom down the hall towards the bathroom (the same direction that the ghost was moving). An on-site survey showed a metal framed bed in the bedroom and a metal mirror in the bathroom with lots of metal projections like prickly leaves decorating it. This created a situation where the space was filled with electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi and phone and it was being blocked in by all the metal furniture, creating a very toxic environment.

Immediately, we cabled the Wi-Fi, suggested that she did not take her phone to bed with her or to switch it to airplane mode when sleeping. That very night she dismantled her bed and slept on the floor until a new one she ordered arrived and she removed the mirror. That ghost was never seen again. Was the ghost the only way this intelligent lady (an anaesthetist) could be informed that she was living in a detrimental environment?

Danger by candlestick

We visited a client who had become quite ill with a digestive condition, but her diet was good. A survey of her home revealed extremely high levels of radiation in her bed. She had two beautiful, very tall bedside lamps that looked like converted candlesticks and she also had an electric blanket. Even when all the electricity was switched off the electromagnetic radiations were reading at dangerous levels. What we found was the lamps were acting like antennae for any Wi-Fi in the area. Our recommendation was to remove the lamps and replace them with either wooden based or ceramic ones, then to remove the electric blanket and to switch the modem off at night. Just a a few short weeks later, and the client reported a clean bill of health with no further digestive problems.

A good night’s sleep

A client sought our advice as he was finding it extremely difficult to get to sleep and even when he did, it was unsettled. We suggested that he switch off his mobile phone at night and turn off and unplug all the other electrical equipment before he slept. We recommended that he not use his iPad for an hour before he slept and make sure that was switched off all night. The following day, he reported to us that he had slept like a baby that night.

What’s under your house?

We visited a client with diabetes. She had lived in her house for a few years and since moving she had not had a single good night’s sleep. She had moved bedrooms and had tried putting her bed against every wall in the room. She had settled on a space that she felt least uncomfortable but was not really happy. Our home check survey revealed underground streams as well as other geopathic anomalies not only under the bedroom but also in other areas of the house. What was interesting was that she seemed to have found her own safe zones in various places around the home and seemed to avoid the most unsafe areas, but of course, she could not avoid going to bed! She would sleep for a couple of hours and then toss and turn or move to another room during the night. Although she had chosen the safest spot in the room we found that a line of stress was running across her pillow. We suggested that she move her bed a foot away from the wall to avoid this. That night she slept all night. She ordered a grounding sheet which also improved the quality of her sleep. As a result, she felt so much better that she cancelled the carers that she had coming in to take care of her three times that week. She had far more energy and felt instantly better as a result.