About us

About us

Estea is an ancient Greek goddess who protects the home and municipal buildings. She is probably the least known of the gods because she did not have her own temple. This is because every home is her temple. When the Greeks gave offerings to the gods she was always the first to receive the offering and she was also the last. Double whammy. Her symbols are the flame and circle which is incorporated into our branding.

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Sue Woodley is the lady who made estea happen, and she uses a variety of instruments to determine levels of EMFs and GS within a property. She will be able to recommend solutions to those people who consider themselves electrosensitive (currently 5% of the UK population), but also importantly will be able to identify solutions for people who are suffering from conditions which have been known to be exacerbated by high levels of EMFs, such as ME, fybromyalga, cystic brosis and diabetes to potentially prevent them from becoming completely electrosensitive

Here is Sue’s story and how estea came to be…

“Part of me knows that estea was decided back in 2006 when I was so ill. I had collapsed, but found that I temporarily lost some of my memory. I lost words, not difficult words but everyday words like cup or pen. I would be looking at a cup but could not remember how to say it. I lost my driving license, my job and had to downsize my home. Although I was obviously not well the doctors gave me the all clear as nothing showed on the scans. It left me realising that I had been given another chance to find a purpose. For 10 years, I wasn’t sure what that was, but now I understand that I was learning lessons along the way that has contributed to where I am today.

I honed my dowsing skills and studied with some famous dowsers. I also became fascinated by the effect some buildings have on your health. I went to talks on the subject up and down the country and read everything I could on the subject. The important stepping stones were learning Reiki, Dowsing and electromagnetic problems as a combination.

In 2009, I was visiting a friend who had a re-occurrence of breast cancer. I was baffled how someone that took such good care of herself could become ill again. I was aware that one could detect certain energies using dowsing rods so I asked permission to check her home. I identied two lines of geopathic stress and found that where they crossed (the most dangerous point) was exactly where her comfy chair was in the sitting room and her bed was immediately above that. I tried to convince her to let me move her furniture. She refused because she felt she had done enough battling and didn’t want to fight anymore. I agreed to stand by her wishes and supported her for the next three months until her death. I was angry with myself for not having figured this out sooner because she would then have had the strength to fight and I would still have my friend. Furthermore, at her funeral, I met the lady who used to live in that house and found out that her husband died of cancer and he used to sit and sleep in exactly the same places.

This confirmed to me that I needed to learn more about these techniques to help as many people as I could, to alleviate their suffering wherever possible. I started a support group called Wellbeing Link helping people with mental and physical conditions improve their lives, and thought this was the answer, but now realise that this is only part of the journey.

In November 2015 I went to a conference on electro-smog issues. I was so inspired that I came home bought the equipment and started doing Healthy Home checks for Wellbeing Link members. I then questioned whether I should broaden my horizons so I took some time out. I went to Egypt for a month and spent the time researching and planning and came home to set up my new business which will benefit a wider audience. And so estea Home Environments was born”.

Sue has has developed estea to help people identify and overcome problems caused by electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress. The survey and screening products have been developed through many hours of research and trial and error. Sue only uses products that have been tried and tested by herself or her mentors.